Britney & Dan’s Wedding – Sept 2013

Scotty, I just want to tell you what a great job you did, DJing Brittany and Dan's wedding. You kept the guests attention and everyone danced til their legs fell off! Music selection had great range from sweet love song to rock n roll with every kind in between.

You played an important part in that day and I want to thank you for adding the special touch.

I would highly recommend to any and all brides and other events that need your expertise and I have.

Keep up the awesome work........your a natural !!!!!!!!

Thank you Julie

Meg & Tim’s Wedding – August 2012

We received Scotty's information from a photographer that we interviewed for our wedding and she could not say enough about him. When I spoke to Scotty it was so clear that he truly cared not only about the music at our wedding, but about us as a couple. We had an outdoor wedding at our home and Scotty came out to several times to makes sure that the lights and equipment would be "just right" for our setting...and they were! Everyone had a wonderful time and there were many guests out on the dance floor that we never expected to see dancing because the music was just too good to resist! The lights in the trees and the perfect music definitely created the atmosphere we were looking for...and more! I don’t know what I would have done without Scotty.  He relieved so much of the pressure that wedding planning can bring just by working with us and assuring us that everything will be ok. I would highly recommend Scotty to anyone looking for a DJ with a heart. He was awesome!

Meg & Tim

Nikki & Bobby’s Wedding – June 2013

Before writing this, we worked really hard to find a flaw with your DJ'ing. We wanted to tell you that we would change something because we wanted you to know that we were being truthful. But, I can honestly say that we loved everything about you.

We thought that you were more than reasonably priced. The sound system sounded perfect. The way that you coordinated with Debb was amazing. You were on time and ready to go. You didn't hesitate to ask any questions.We both felt like we were comfortable talking to you and asking for things. We feel like you are great at reading the crowd. We both felt confident that if we didn't give you a play list, you would have still done great. You are so personable and energetic that you are like a magnet. We can't say enough how much we loved having you there! My friend Tonya is getting married in December (she was one of my bridesmaids) and I am trying my hardest to get her to call you! I will recommend you to everyone!!

Nikki & Bobby