"Laaaadies & Gentleman, welcome to Auuuuudio Therapy!"

Many who know me recognize that opening line & my "radio" voice that goes with it.

My name is Scott Rajchel, owner, DJ, & creative force behind

Audio Therapy DJ Services. I have been DJ'g professionally since December 2009. Let me start by giving you a little background on myself & how Audio Therapy was born.

I have a background in manufacturing engineering & 3D Design engineering, & still am currently employed in the field. As far as I can recall, I have always been an audiophile & have had an ear for what songs reach people. I seem to have an ability to pick out what songs on an artist’s CD will go big, & which will be obscure. I do express a lot of emotion through music due to this ability to "read" an artists message.I have also had a stereo system in my place of residence since I was 18 that most would see as major overkill & that always had the ability to annoy most neighbors which lead to conversations with a few members of law enforcement from time to time. I could never seem to find a place to "let that horse run", so to speak.

One day, someone said, "Why don't you bring that stereo to the bar & we'll have a party?" Being the fun loving, sociable, happy character that I am, I said, "Sure, why not!"

Having the engineering background & high attention to detail that I possess, I had to make sure it was done just right. So I ordered up some DJ software, made playlists from my music, bought some lights, & made my way to the bar to entertain for the low price of a few cocktails. That first night was electric, & sparked a new direction with my love for music that burns brighter with each passing day.

Four gigs later, realizing I really love the atmosphere, making people dance, & a radio voice I never knew I had, I walked into a newly opened bar called Foolerys Liquid Therapy & talked to the management about DJ'g there.

He agreed & that first night was such a big hit, they asked me to be their exclusive DJ. Of course I agreed & I have been DJ'g there every weekend since 2009. Along the way I have procured quite the menu of lights & music to choose from. I currently have over 40 high tech lights & effects & over 130,000 songs in the library, which grows every day. I also have instant access to stream any song request I don't have in the library & can easily blend these into an existing playlist without anyone noticing it wasn't set up that way.

Of course, it has to be perfect!

Along this journey, several people have noticed my ability, equipment entertainment quality & have asked me to DJ their wedding. I did accept knowing how special this day is to a couple knowing how persnickety I am about perfection, I knew I had to step up the perfection to a whole new level. I found out I have a passion & love for sharing this day with couples & their guests, & I crave more weddings to share this enthusiasm with the rest of the world. Life's journey is a series if paths & choices. I have chose the path to really step into the wedding entertainment business by obtaining a booth at my first Bridal Show. I really want to touch the lives of couples starting their new life journey & have them feel the personal touch I put into every show I do. All weddings I do are designed for the bride & groom, not just taken from a canned playlist. I feel this is your day, it should match your personality. I never stand still, I always look for ways to improve & step up the entertainment factor of my shows & have some really exciting, high tech innovations coming really soon to make your wedding an experience that will leave you with a lasting smile & at a price you can afford. If you want to see me in action, come to Foolerys on Okauchee Lake on a weekend night that I DJ & see it for yourself, & come talk to me to see who I really am.

Apparently I like to talk as well :)

Never stand still, life is long & a series of paths & choices that define who we are.

Paths change, directions shift, but there's always time to improve & shine!

Peace & love to you all, & keep on dancing!

~Scott Rajchel~ "DJ Ska-Tay" :)